Challenge me, I challenge you

Dan, March 01 2021 Is there any escaping Covid? Since my last update we have had a severe outbreak at the camp, and in response the community leaders responded sensibly and swiftly. The only way […]

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We’re in the pipe, five by five

Dan, January 17 2021 First of all, happy new year to all. Hope you and your loved ones are as well as can be as we traverse the new covid-lined path before us. Secondly, what […]

Beirut Sunset

The fortnight that was

Dan, December 2020 A first time for everything As of today I have been in Lebanon for two weeks, and it’s been a fortnight of firsts. First time in Lebanon; first time in Beirut; in […]


A Socially Distanced Tournament

We can’t play matches but kick ups are fine. So here’s a mini series of games: Future Football against the rest of the world. All to raise funds to buy food for the families who […]

Our Ethos

We don’t prepare our students for exams, we prepare them for life. Everything we do has the same end goal; level the playing field so our kids can compete with the rest of the world. […]

Our parteners Logos

Our Partners

In Lebanon, one in every three is a refugee Lebanon has the highest number of refugees per capita in the world. 250,000 Palestinians have been joined by an estimated 1.5 million Syrians. The population has […]


A true story

The academy is located in Burj Barajneh, a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. 30,000 people live in one square kilometre of land, recognised by the UN but forgotten by the rest of the world. The […]

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A day at the office

Burj Barajneh, The office. We work in the wild, wild west of the Middle East. The day starts with a crazy taxi race through bazaars and boulevards down to south Beirut. On the city’s outskirts, […]