Our Ethos

We don’t prepare our students for exams, we prepare them for life. Everything we do has the same end goal; level the playing field so our kids can compete with the rest of the world.

The children in our refugee camp live in a land still scarred by war crimes. It’s a challengingly unique situation. So our curriculum is tailored to excite them about the power and virtues of education.

Capturing imaginations is the only way of convincing kids it’s cool to learn. If we continue to raise the necessary sponsorship to operate, I’m sure they’ll end up teaching us too.

They’re already more qualified in surviving and succeeding without support, infrastructure and basic human rights than Bear Grills will ever be.

When the journey through knowledge is built on fun it breeds a determination to make their people proud. And wouldn’t it be cool if the newest generation of forgotten children can remind the world that education is the oldest form of worthwhile entertainment? Please check our actions, and help us !

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