What we do


Organising tournaments is where we really excel. We are the only people who have the reach, respect and resources to organise tournaments between every football team from Beirut’s refugee camps. Whatever the club, however old, Ahmad and Coach Saleh will definitely have played on their pitch at some point, probably have coached them, and in Ahmad’s case probably also played for or against them.

Our tournaments are the biggest the young footballers have ever played in. It’s the only time the kids have experienced this level of scale, professionalism and attention to detail. Every players relatives and their friends come to watch, people from all four corners of Beirut and all the football mad locals from the camp. Playing in front of a crowd of hundreds gives the players a taste of what to expect if they train hard and motivate themselves to reach a higher level. It’s also one of the few times Palestinians and Syrians mix socially, strengthening community bonds by sharing a common passion in a safe, creative space.

The tournaments are officiated by qualified local coaches and attended by scouts from semi-professional and professional teams across Beirut. Every child who competes is provided with kit, an English lesson and a textbook for further study at home. The tournament ends with a trophy ceremony for the finalists and best individual players, followed by a closing speech from Coach Saleh.

This is why we started the football academy: 

to remind the children society has failed that they can succeed in the world, because they’re important too.

English courses

We are currently building our school from scratch. This is where the magic happens. The place where our refugees become students of the world. 

We are working on a fundraiser of exciting ways to help and provide our kids with the tools to fight back starting right now. All donations will go towards arming our pupils with an education so they can begin to write their own journey through life. Money will be spent on classroom supplies and trained teachers.

Do you want to know...

Poverty is a complicated issue, deciding to help those it affects is not