Future Football

Our football sessions target three key demographics. High risk individuals, talented teenagers and girls. We also hold regular tournaments and cultural events for all age groups from under 9 up to 18 and their families too.

High Risk Individuals

Our extensive local knowledge and partnerships with MSF and Red Cross allow us to identify youths in danger of falling into crime or terrorism and offer them alternative ways to spend their evenings in the hope it convinces them to make that change forever.

Talented Teenagers

We provide the opportunity for players with professional potential to realise their dreams. Regular access to training facilities, coaching and mentorship from current and ex professionals affords forgotten boys a chance they never had; levelling the playing field with the other children of the world.

Our burgeoning partnerships with teams from premier leagues across the Gulf will give the very best players a chance to show they can perform at international level. The others will be encouraged to study for a coaching badge or other sporting qualifications. As old players become new coaches an organic supply chain of qualified coaches for Future Football will emerge in the community.

Girls' Football

The girls’ teams are an integral part of our operation. Gender inequality is still a major issue in the Muslim world. Being equals on the football pitch and in the classroom helps the next generation’s mindset to evolve and empowers the girls with identity and the independence to live and grow in society.

The only other female specific programme run inside the camp is a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Women’s Centre. While girls are welcome to attend with female relatives and the centre is a vital safe space, the training and vocational courses are only available for women over the age of 18.

Being equals on the football pitch and in the classroom helps the next generation’s mindset to evolve in every area of life.

Poverty is a complicated issue, deciding to help those it affects is not

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