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Dan, March 01 2021

Is there any escaping Covid?

Since my last update we have had a severe outbreak at the camp, and in response the community leaders responded sensibly and swiftly. The only way to save lives was a complete lockdown, so we paused both Future English and Future Football for a few weeks. But does this stop the Future Academy team on the ground? Absolutely not.

Future 1-0 Covid

We switched up just as quickly, moving to remote learning within hours. Firstly I printed out homework for every student, sanitised it and drove it to the edge of the camp where Hamzeh, our resident TA, collected and distributed the homework to every student. After this we switched to remote learning via Microsoft Teams to ensure our students continued to progress despite the disruption.

Back in the groove.

Once we were back in the classroom it was time to reward the January top performers with their prizes. Before leaving the UK I put out a call-to-action, and friends responded by kindly donating dozens of unwanted football shirts. Although their faces are hidden by their masks I can promise you they’re smiling from ear to ear to receive these official shirts. Official merchandise is absolutely out of the price range of most people in the camp (and Lebanon at large), so to receive something like this means the world to these students, they will be treasured, even if the students may have to wait a year or two to grow into them…

Lockdown and out

On a personal level the lockdown in Lebanon appears to be lifting, just in time for my fellow Future Academy trustees to join me in mid March, don’t say I don’t know how to roll out the welcome mat ;-). So I will hopefully be able to finally update you all on my exploration of the country over the coming weeks and months. Although, that being said, during the lockdown in the camp I had to do a visa run, and went to visit FA’s resident digital nomad, Meriem Chikh, in Dahab, Egypt. As you can see from the photo, it was stunning and has swiftly gone to the top of the list of our favourite places!

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