A Socially Distanced Tournament

We can’t play matches but kick ups are fine. So here’s a mini series of games: Future Football against the rest of the world. All to raise funds to buy food for the families who need it the most.


Here’s how it works. Video yourself doing kick ups (first attempt only – we’re trusting you here!) and send it to us. We’ll pick one of the players or coaches from Future Football, keep your score secret till afterwards, and they’ll try and beat your attempt. If you win, you buy one food voucher. If you lose, you buy three.

Disclaimer: Ronaldo and Neymar have not signed up yet, but the tournament runs until 23rd May, so there’s still time.

Win or lose, everyone eats

Ramadan is the most important time for followers of Islam. It’s a month devoted to spiritual reflection, self-improvement, community and generosity. These are all ideals that we believe in at Future Academy. Throughout Ramadan, people fast from sunrise each day, abstaining from all food and water. They break the fast at sunset, celebrating by sharing a meal with friends and family. That’s why this project is important, especially right now. Many of our children’s parents have suffered economically from Covid 19 and without our help, their families will struggle to eat this Ramadan. So get in touch, play kick ups and kick out hunger.

Funds for Food for Families

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